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MULTIPLE, THE BOOK (see video)


My work is based on how the passage of time and the experiences lived transform our body and our identity. Experiences act as layers that we add to our life and that sometimes we also remove. We are not one person, we are many versions of ourselves.

From the destruction/construction dichotomy, the emergence of new bodies from the remains themselves is evoked, displacing, condensing or superimposing the rubble to generate new physical and emotional realities. It is a question, then, of generating another harmony and another order; to establish a rebellion against standardization and homogenization that reduces the body to a single point of view.

Thus, a panoramic skin emerges that covers an unsubmissive body, deconstructed, enlarged and reframed until it is reduced to textures; an anti-normative body redesigned and conceived as an abrupt landscape.

My concept of the stratified body is created from self-portraits, rayograms and chemograms, turning the intervened 35mm film into one more layer that merges with the body itself.

This demolition task (in which all constructive character disappears) places us before an open corporeity full of possibilities where the principle of verticality is replaced by that of collapse, giving rise to an anarchitectonic representation of the body.

From this personal vision of ruin, the opportunity arises to rework, to become other physical or emotional realities.